Artist’s Statement:

Time and space are some key features I have noticed that creates and forms part of events. They help define what the event might mean. A shift in time and a change of space would communicate a different interpretation or alter the event. Technology might not directly affect event but as it affects time and space, which defines what the event is, it means it would in a way affect it.

By means of technology, one can sit for an hour or two to watch a movie that took two (2) years in making. In the movie, mostly from the story, there are minutes, hours, days and even years which are fused, stretched and altered. As you sit for an hour watching the movie, you might be actually watching a 2-year production.

The Clock is said to record time. It has 12 dials, hour, minute and second hands which records time. As the hands rotate, their recording keeps repeating the same numerical digits but the interpretations are totally different. The numerals appear the same but as it keeps repeating its interpretations are different.

Technology has disproved the notion that time streams are linear. Through technology, different spaces are levelled. Technology make time travel possible – you can go back to the past (rewind to the previous) and anticipate the future (fast forward or skip to next) as it appears when watching a movie.

The coming together of various spaces and events and how technology separates or levels them and presents them is what I seek to explore. This coming together enables us to view these various spaces and events at the same time creating a form of complex and multi-spatial vision.  So instead of reading one before going to two in a linear order, you can actually read one and two at once like a chord.

My work is a fusion of different clips from different places in the Kumasi Central Market. The clips are arranged in a way that, it would be difficult to focus on one clip. The various clips form one video which is projected and is made to rotate on a rotating disc. There are two rotating videos. One moves in a clockwise motion whiles the other moves in an anti-clockwise motion.

As various moving clips are fused and caused to rotate in two contrasting motions, the conundrum or challenge is to ascertain how they would harmonize, contrast and create new movements and rhythm like in an orchestra.



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