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About Prodigy Art Workshops

Prodigy Art Workshops is an art workshop for young talented artists and art lovers. The purpose for the workshop is geared towards developing the creative abilities and talents of young innovative prodigies in the fields of arts.

Our main aim is to encourage the child who loves to create art to continue and refine the God-given ability and talent in them at their very early stage. Currently our workshops are centred on the visual arts. We also hope to raise and discover prodigies in art during our workshops.

Objectives for Prodigy Art Workshops:

  • To guide participants to understand the theme for each workshop
  • To help the participants explore and develop their own ways (techniques and approaches)  of doing art
  • To introduce the participants to new innovative art techniques and approaches
  • To build, encourage and help the participants to work in group (Group projects)

Vision of the Prodigy Art Workshops:

  1. Raise young up and coming artists
  2. Ignite the thirst and quest for a new experience in contemporary art
  3. Provide resources and guide through workshops, residencies, talks, exhibitions, seminars
  4. Model more artists to take up the contemporary art in Ghana

Plan of Actions/ Strategies for Prodigy Art Workshops

  1. Workshops
  2. Seminars
  3. Art talk
  4. Exhibitions


The workshop follows the following module:

  1. SEMINAR – Introduction to the theme (tuning in/ knowing and understanding)
  2. RESEARCH – Enquiring into the theme (developing skills/ ideas finding out)
  3. STUDIO PRACTICE – (sorting out and going further/ thinking creatively/ drawing conclusions and production)
  5. Catalogue
  6. Brochure
  7. Artists statement
  8. Publicity
  9. Press release
  10. Mounting and displays

The workshop ends with an exhibition to present event of works produced within the workshop period.

Participants who would be appointed to participate in this workshop must be:

  • Serious and disciplined
  • Willing to learn and share what they know and have with everyone

A.A.I. would prefer to undertake this project with fewer students who are willing to learn and are disciplined. In that regards, any participant that goes contrary to the said rules (to be discussed at the commencement of the workshop) would be asked to redraw from the workshop.

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