Anaanu Art Institute


“Anaanu” is a Ga word for Spider. A spider is considered creative. It produces art works at any given space it gets. The life a spider is quite inspiring and its resilience towards creativity as well as use of space.

The institute derives its motivation from a renowned Ghanaian artist who was well-known as a Painter. He loved music and he played the guitar and the piano as a hobby. His name was AMON KOTEI A.K.A Papa Ablotsi. Although Amon Kotei did not have any regular school or class for young artists, he did everything within his power and means to help younger artists. Amon Kotei sees young talented artists as a charcoal fire that could easily generate light and heat if only somebody could fan it. He always feels obliged to do just that. The number of young artists who have been inspired by Amon Kotei – physically and spiritually, directly and indirectly[1]are uncountable because he impacted into everyone that comes close to him.

It is with this passion and inspiration that this Arts Institute was set up; that is to help develop young talented artists through our workshops,seminars, special class schedules and facilities.

In aid to maintain the quality and innovative skills in the country and world at large, Anaanu Arts Institute is embarking on an art movement for students across the nation with the aim of nurturing their creative potentials whether the student is developing to be an artist or other profession, encouraging the creative process, which is essential in the early educational years of the student.

In our workshop, students learn to explore, imagine and discover in their own unique ways as we help them on their path to becoming the creators, innovators and problem-solvers of the future.

As the students explore art and culture through studio projects and art history, they are exposed to new forms of creative abilities and interpretations of their world that is visual arts education enriches the lives of children no matter what their abilities.


The institute’s focus and target is the child that loves to make art and anyone who needs the opportunity to explore and practice art. The institute provides the participants with a wide range of opportunities with favourable and conducive environment to explore his/ her desired fields of interest. Here the participant receives counselling, guidance and motivation to help him/ her “generate light and heat.” What the arts institute does is to “fan” that creative fire; just like Amon Kotei, the institute always feels obliged to do just that.


Our mission as an art institute is to develop, train, direct and motivateanyone who wishes or desires to learn and develop skills and acquire knowledge in the fields of the arts.The participant is not only exposed to practical works but also made to read on the areas or fields they choose to develop making him/ her get a theoretical stand in the desired field.This is where our libraries and facilitators/ instructors play a very major role as they facilitate learning in the history and rudiments of the fields of their choice.


  • Art Studios
  • Gallery/ Show room
  • Library


Age limit: Grade 1 (8years) – Senior High School & Emerging Artists


  • Prodigy Arts Workshops

Anaanu Arts Institute engages children and youth in an arts workshop called PRODIGY ARTS WORKSHOPS. These workshops are organised for students across the country. The workshop is geared towards revealing hidden talents in its participants. The Participants are led through some series of tutorials and training. Any interested participant can further his knowledge by applying for an advanced class section after the workshop since the workshop usually has a very limited duration and time span.

Objectives for Prodigy Art Workshops:

  • To guide participants to understand the theme for each workshop
  • To help the participants explore and develop their own ways (techniques and approaches)  of doing art
  • To introduce the participants to new innovative art techniques and approaches
  • To build, encourage and help the participants to work in group (Group projects)

Vision of the Prodigy Art Workshops:

  1. Raise young up and coming artists
  2. Ignite the thirst and quest for a new experience in contemporary art
  3. Provide resources and guide through workshops, residencies, talks, exhibitions, seminars
  4. Model more artists to take up the contemporary art in Ghana

Plan of Actions/ Strategies for Prodigy Art Workshops

  1. Workshops
  2. Seminars
  3. Art talk
  4. Exhibitions


The workshop follows the following module:

  1. SEMINAR – Introduction to the theme (tuning in/ knowing and understanding)
  2. RESEARCH – Enquiring into the theme (developing skills/ ideas finding out)
  3. STUDIO PRACTICE – (sorting out and going further/ thinking creatively/ drawing conclusions and production)
  5. Catalogue
  6. Brochure
  7. Artists statement
  8. Publicity
  9. Press release
  10. Mounting and displays

The workshop ends with an exhibition to present event of works produced within the workshop period.

During Vacations, Anaanu Arts Institute runs vacation workshops for its students and new students. This workshop is organised either at the Anaanu Arts Institute facility or a designated location. To Anaanu Arts Institute, this is a time where students of different artistic backgrounds fellowships together and shares ideas. It’s like a fiesta of artistic ideas. After every vacation workshop section, Anaanu Arts Institute would organise an exhibition for the participants to show-case their portfolios. During these Vacation Workshops, participants might meet different sorts of artists including some international artists.

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© Anaanu Arts Institute, 2020

[1]Dowuona, A.N.N. (2010: 45). Amon Kotei: Portrait of a Portraitist Kumasi: Unpublished Thesis, BFA. Honorary Thesis, KNUST,Ghana. (www.alniinod.com/